GPS tracking

In Bus Stop we want our client to be calm, safe and informed, so we put at your disposal the location and GPS tracking of your merchandise. Thanks to technology, we achieve better transport efficiency and safety by optimizing routes and schedules. Our commitment is your peace of mind.

Temperature controlled

Guaranteeing the controlled temperature chain is vital for us and our client, for this reason we rely on leading brands in the sector, such as CARRIER (Cold / Heat Equipment), SORIBERICA (Refrigeration Carrier) or Thermoscan (Thermographs). Equally Important is the cleaning and hygiene of the vehicles, their merchandise is our merchandise and that is why we take care of it as much as possible.

Door to door

It is our specialty, availability and maximum adaptability to the requirement of our client, fast and efficient service, without stops or external delays, strict compliance with schedules, experienced and professional staff, clean vehicles and in perfect conditions. We have all our experience at Customer service to maximize your transport.